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A Message from Philanthropy Leadership

Dignity Health Philanthropy united donors across our ministry in fiscal year 2017 to raise $116.5 million, helping us continue to work toward our mission of ensuring that everyone can receive compassionate, world-class care delivered with kindness. That is a strong performance that we want to celebrate with all 36,000-plus supporters who chose to join us.

We were honored to be recognized for these efforts this year by being named the No. 1 performer in health care philanthropy by the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy. This accomplishment is possible thanks to each of you.

We’re excited to bring you stories and statistics from the 31 Dignity Health foundations in Arizona, California and Nevada, to show you how these vital funds are making a difference for our patients, their families, and our communities. The history, mission, fundraising performance, and highlights of the incredible contributions from their donors can be found in these pages.

In this report, you will also find two stories about stroke care told from very different perspectives: One the story of a life-saving surgery in Redding made possible through an expert staff, leading-edge technology and the generous investment of a community; the other about how pairing patients with a nurse navigator in Glendale is proving that human connections lead to improved long-term outcomes.

You’ll also meet Josie, a woman finding the trauma-informed care she needs in Sacramento to be able to continue to move her life beyond the story of her experience with human trafficking. You’ll learn how Dignity Health’s system-wide Human Trafficking Response Program is working to ensure that all staff are equipped to help address modern-day slavery.

These three incredible stories show the tremendous impact we can have when we come together to unleash the healing power of our humanity.

We hope you enjoy this report and feel inspired to share these stories with your circle of family, friends and colleagues on social media and beyond.

Thank you,

Fred Najjar
Senior Vice President, Philanthropy
Dignity Health

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